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Having always been in the pursuit of innovation and evolution, Masin is a high-tech science based company. This company realizes its aims in the best way possible by recruiting experts in different fields. MIP panel, which has reached the stage of mass production and export after 3 years of incessant scientific studies, is just one of the many inventions of the company

Motion picture is a great economical development in the field of environmental advertisement.

It provides a unique experience with the industry and its audience.in other words, these panels with their interesting and totally different nature, compared with the other previous advertising  systems, has created a revolution in real sense of word that is considered as new generation of environmental advertising systems

Why Mip panel

The most amazing feature of MIP panels is the ability to play 3D clips with NO 3D glasses needed. Now just imagine how attractive this device can be!

Being able to design MIP in any size and length increases its implementation. You can extent the panel as long as you dream

It is proved that MIP panel is amazingly eyecatching More than 80% of the pedestrians are claimed to be attracted to the device To find out the reason, just imagine yourself passing a long mirror, can you resist not looking at that?

MIP is the first edition of motion panel technology that its technical knowledge of hardware and software is owned by Masin Ideh Pardazan Company Besides it has achieved scientific certificate and confirmation of invention from scientific and industrial researches organization of the country. At the moment producing technology of these panels has been innovated by the company and industrial mass production is provided.


This technology works in a way that it doesn’t need audience to follow the message of advertisement, the message itself will follow the audience and this creates a totally different experience of media. In fact this system accompanies audience in the direction of their movement with moving pictures and transfers the message with the highest level of attractiveness , from the beginning to the end of the film

Comparative environmental advertising systems

In comparison to MIP panels, the other environmental advertising systems, it is worth noticing that this technology will synchronize the message with audience movement and this is an extremely valuable advantage in the world of advertisement.Considering 3D broadcast of the film and its unique attractiveness,The message will strongly influence the audience.According to a survey done and questionnaires  answered by audience , MIP panels  are attractive and effective (91%) while for the other advertising LCD this attractiveness rate is only 67%.

Other advantages:

  • 40 frames per meter in 3D
  • Zero energy
  • Easy setup
  • Changing the message is fast and easy
  • Light and firm
  • Low maintenance expenses (even compared with billboards)
  • Without any mechanical and electrical components

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